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The Plague

You probably read enough about it on everyone else’s blogs… but it was a pretty important happening on campus last week so here we go – THE MCVIRUS 2013.

A term that was coined by students and the McDaniel Free Press, it is actually a slight misnomer because we are not the only people to have ever gotten the virus. It was gastroenteritis and it was actually pretty common earlier in the winter. McDaniel was just a little behind on the trend. And being a small school, it didn’t take us long to catch up.

As the Editor in Chief of the Free Press, I was excited for such a large event with the possibility for so many stories. I also wanted to lay rumors of food poisoning and other Glar misfortunes to rest. We spent all day Wednesday covering the virus that had been nonexistent before Tuesday night, trying to get the facts straight. Ironically, by the next day half our staff had been hit, including myself.

But it was a small price to pay for exciting milestones. The Free Press made personal records, for site hits, page views and more. My favorite piece was a ‘best of social media’ where we gathered the funniest tweets and statuses about the viruses and shared them with campus.┬áThe staff together did a great job and put together some fine pieces of journalism on a time crunch.

If you haven’t already, check out for a great look at life on campus!

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