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McD Professors Outside of the Classroom

I have had a lot of professor time outside of the classroom this past week. Almost every McD student has their own unique story about what they did with their professor ranging from smoking hookah at their home or babysitting sheep at their farm. I got to add some more stories to my list this past week due my participation in the Maryland Collegiate Honors Council. Here are three things I added:

1) McDaniel professors will text you more often than your mom when you are sick, but will be less sympathetic for the most part.   

It all began Wednesday when I unfortunately contracted a virus spreading around campus, which I am sure you have read about in other blog posts. Literally five minutes after I had my first incident in the bathroom (I don’t need to get explicit) my professor, Dr. Raley, texted me that she ordered all the other presenters to stay away from me until the conference on Friday. I was so happy to see that she was worried about me… I didn’t respond.  About an hour later with no response from me still, she did acquire some emotions and begged for an update on my condition with very sincere sad face emoticons. I received text messages from her frequently (when I say frequently I mean more often than my own mother) until the day of the conference to make sure I was on the route to recovery. She even offered to bring me food! The morning of the conference I texted her that I was not feeling too great and had to go to the wellness center. Her response – “Poor thing. You can rest at the hotel before your presentation.” She was dedicated. I just chuckled. Luckily, rest did the trick!

2) McDaniel professors will be sympathetic when they witness an ill student being discriminated against. 

At the conference, I faced harsh discrimination from all students avoiding the virus (especially from the students I was sharing a hotel room with). Lets just say the elevator ride to the 4th floor was anything but comfortable. The other students probably felt like it was an elevator ride to the 82nd floor… and so did I. Dr. Madsen, the Honors Program Director, was extremely generous and ended up giving her hotel room to me so that I did not have to worry about awkwardly sharing a room with students who were constantly shooting daggers at me with their eyes (these students are my friends – I am slightly exaggerating the situation).

3) McDaniel professors will reward students with free treats if they out shine all the other colleges at a conference. 

We definitely had reason to celebrate since McD completely owned the conference, which we successfully did Friday night when Dr. Raley took us out for goodies and footed the bill. I wish I would had known she was going to pay the bill or else I would have ordered more! Nonetheless, there was plenty celebration for McDaniel.

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