March 2013
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Dreading midterms? Don’t!

This coming week, the bags under our eyes will grow, our hair will become slightly more disheveled than usual, and a sharp increase in those wearing sweatpants will sweep the campus. The coffee will course through our veins and we’ll yearn for the chance to go home and sleep for ten days straight. It’s inevitable; it’s midterms week.

We’ll be busy, yes, but there are definitely tricks to ward off stress and keep from looking like a cast member from The Walking Dead. I have a tendency to get anxious during test weeks, so I’ve developed some strategies for staying on top of midterms and finals week:

1. Work out! Even though some days I absolutely do not want to work out when I am busy with work, I try to drag myself to track practice because it gives my brain a break from studying and the endorphin rush keeps me awake way longer than coffee.

2. Connect with your friends. Make sure to schedule time for those important to you even though it may not seem like there are enough hours in the day. Like working out, you get a break which may help you think clearer when you return to studying. Something as simple as dinner with friends can help you regain the motivation to tackle that big paper that is due in a few days.

3. Schedule rewards into your study sessions. Tell yourself that if you study for another half hour, it’s totally cool to mindlessly roam around on Pinterest for 15 minutes after that. Giving yourself something concrete to work for and breaking studying into segments can make it less daunting.

Good luck with midterms, McDaniel, and remember: you’ve got this!

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