March 2013
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Holy Midterms

If you ask just about any college student what their least favorite part of college academics is, they’ll likely respond with midterms. They do suck, no sugar-coating here. In both Fall and Spring semesters they fall right before break. You’re just ready to unwind a little because the pressure has just started to get to you, and oh hey! 100 point exam, better study. Don’t worry though, it’s only worth half of your total semester grade. Annoying? Yes. Nerve wracking? You bet.

So what do McDaniel students do when the stress is high and enthusiasm mantle-low? Well to be honest they sleep a lot. But when they aren’t sleeping, they’re taking advantage of tutors provided by Student Academic Support Services (SASS) or the writing center, or they’re taking the good old-fashioned approach, decently sized study sessions in their favorite spot in the library (everybody has one).

How do I, and the rest of the McDaniel students know about all of this? Well to begin with, we were all told on the various tours and information sessions that you will have thrown at you when you make your decision to come to McDaniel; but a lot of it comes with practice and good study habits which become a part of even the least diligent student’s life at McDaniel.

Anyway, I’m telling you all of this so that you’ll know that sports tryouts or pledging a fraternity or sorority will not be the most difficult or obnoxious part of your college career. However, with practice, they become easier. By next year at this time I might not even think anything of them, anyway, if all goes horribly, at least Spring Break is less than a week away.

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