March 2013
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Process of Going Abroad

So, I am hoping to go abroad this summer if finances allow for it. However, there are a lot of steps to going abroad. You have to pick a program, a location, and more. I applied for an SIT Program in Jordan for the summer. I am really looking forward to it and I recently found out that I was accepted. I am definitely excited and can’t wait to get the process going. There is still a lot that I need to do, however, and I will have a lot to do in the next few weeks to get ready.

Today was a lot of errands though as I prepare to go abroad this summer. I had to get my passport picture first thing in the morning and later in the day I also put in the formal application for my passport at the post office. It was slightly scary since I have never been abroad in the past, but it definitely brought the excitement back to the surface about the travel plans. I will be in Jordan for about 7 weeks and will travel to a few historic areas within the country as well as the formal schooling in Amman.

Rose is the Study Abroad Director here at McDaniel and she has been a great help. She helped me figure out how credits would work and also to finalize what program I wanted to take part in. Plus, she made sure I knew exactly paperwork needed to be done for the college and also for the study abroad program. She also recommended a few sites I could look for scholarships to study abroad on. But anyway, I cannot wait to go to Jordan this summer!

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