March 2013
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Library Renovation

Although I am a little upset that this project is taking place during my senior year and will not be finished until after I leave, I am extremely excited for the current renovations being completed in McDaniel’s Hoover Library.

I never imagined how our library could get any better during my four years that I have been at McDaniel. It is the perfect environment to get work done it because it is extremely spacious and comfortable. You run into a lot of your friends to distract you from studying when you need a break, but then you can go right back to your hidden study spot and keep studying. There are endless amounts of study nooks you can choose from to work on any kind of assignment. Whether you want to work alone in a secret corner with your headphones on or get a private room with your friends and play music out load on the TV screen/computer, you will be able to find the perfect study zone for you. And between the access to over 200,00 volumes in the library and 60 online databases, you have plenty of resources to get your work completed.

Besides ideal study environments, we even got an ideal studying fuel center when they installed a brand new Starbuck’s coffee shop in the library called Casey’s Corner. What more could I ask for? The answer is a 24/7 section of the library (besides the computer lab and coffee shop area). The library is currently under renovations to make two floors accessible to students 24/7 so that they have constant access to the most popular volumes of books as well as brand new creative learning centers that are being added (as if there weren’t already plenty of learning spaces in the library, but I’m not complaining!). The library hosted forums for students to attend before the project began to get our feedback and opinions about what we would like to see in the renovation project. They were very adamant about listening to us before spending any money on renovations. They wanted to make sure they were doing what would please the students the most!

If you go to their Facebook page ( you can follow the renovation project from the beginning to present. I am excited about the new state-of-the-art fully automated compact storage unit that will open up more space for creating learning spaces while conserving the volumes of books in the library.

By next semester the library will be completely renovated and ready for students to take advantage of. Now you can spend those fantastic all nighters in the library! I might just have to come back to McDaniel to get the experience (just promise not to judge me).

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