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What to do when nobody’s around

To be honest, the rare occasions where the entire campus clears out for breaks and only a few students who have a reason to stay into the weekend are occupying the dorms are the best! The showers are always empty, it’s quiet, the lines in Glar are short, and you can park really close to your dorm building. If you’re one who gets bored in this type of situation, or just get bored in general, I thought this might be a good time to list

What there is to do in the Westminster are for a college student:

1. The Mall – It’s within walking distance, has most major stores, a decent movie theatre, and is certainly a great way to spent an afternoon where you don’t have much to do.

2. Players Family Amusement Center – I’m only listing this one because I wasn’t even aware of it until this year, but Players is like 5 minutes from campus and has cheap laser tag, batting cages, bumper cars, and lots of other cool stuff. It may seem kind of lame but don’t knock it until you try it, cause I had a blast.

3. Bowling – Taneytown Bowl is 20 minutes away, is fairly inexpensive, and is fun for a group of people who are bored on a Thursday evening or something. I think the bowling class you can take through the Phys Ed Department bowls there also if you’re interested in going bowling on the school’s dime ;)

4. Gettysburg – Definitely here me out on this one: Gettysburg is awesome. The outlets are fun if you’re just looking to window shop or if you’re looking for a cheap pair of fresh shoes from Payless. If you’re a history buff, which I know I am for whatever the reason, you can take part in all the fun historic Gettysburg Civil War stuff. And around Halloween, they get some cool haunted house type stuff going on. They have a website where you can find all of that stuff.

5. Baltimore – If you’re into the club scene, there are plenty of under 21 clubs in Towson and Fells Point. These actually become increasingly popular for those who are of age to drink during the weekends, and campus safety runs free shuttles to these locations for anyone who asks.

So I hope this has given some helpful insight into what there is to do at McDaniel. If none of these suit your interests, Green Terror Productions, is always running fun weekend activities; shows at the Hippodrome Theater  skiing at Liberty, I went to Hershey Park last Fall, and plenty others and those usually cost between 5 and 15 dollars. I’ve never seen one that costed more than that. Anyway, food for thought.

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