March 2013
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Spring Break is Here

So, we are officially on Spring Break although I am already back on campus for work at admissions. We finished a little early today so I had a lot of free time to get a jump on my homework and also to relax with friends. I also got my cosplay in the mail and made some of the alterations that I needed to get finished. I will probably do the rest of the alterations tomorrow before I do my homework. My cosplay looks really nice and I cannot wait to wear it for the convention!

Work was fun today, we were just doing basic office work but I like the people I am working with a lot and actually found out that one of them was an anime fan. I am looking forward to getting to know her better tomorrow and during the rest of the week. We talked a lot about the different shows that we like and I am definitely hoping she comes to club at some point in the future. Apparently, she had not previously because she thought it met on Wednesday when it actually meets on Thursday. We also talked about music and a bunch of other stuff and it made an otherwise monotonous job a lot more fun.

During the rest of the week, I work from 9-4 in admissions. If the weather is nice, I plan to walk each day after work just for fun and to enjoy the weather as Spring moves in. I am planning on taking some of my homework out to Harveystone to work on if the weather is nice tomorrow. Harveystone is a large pavillion out on the golf course part of the campus, but I love it out there. I really hope the weather keeps getting nicer and that Spring moves firmly in as Spring Break goes on.

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