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Spring Break: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

One of the best parts of college is, of course, Spring Break. You’ve seen it portrayed in the movies, tv shows, and you’ve probably had a few great spring breaks of your own in high school, but in all honesty nothing can truly compare to the awesomeness of a well planned Spring Break combined with the freedom of college. Most students at McDaniel look for warmth after spending a winter in the chilling Westminster wind, and to experience any noticeable difference in climate, that means Florida. I don’t have any definite number, but I could name at least 20 people I know on campus who are in Florida right now and in the process of thawing out.

My friends and I have pinpointed Cocoa Beach, Florida as our salty-aired, sunsaturated, beach of choice. We’re returning this year for a second time; mostly because it’s dirt cheap and you still get all the warmth of the more expensive destinations, but also because Cocoa Beach is one of the Best beaches on the Eastcoast for surfing and two of my friends are really into that. Plus who could pass up this view:

Anyway what I discovered is that you can actually find hotels that have kitchenettes for really cheap. The Days Inn at Cocoa Beach (the hotel we stayed in last year) offered them at a great low fee, and that meant that we could just buy our food at the Publix right across the street. All that was left to cover was the gas to get there. Three of my friends flew because they could afford it, but if you can find two people who are willing/able to split up the driving and the cost of gas, it can actually end up being pretty cheap and easy to get down and back.

What I’m really getting at is that nothing should stop you in college from having an awesome Spring Break. Save up your money and go south, you won’t regret it. Nothing beats 80 degree, sunny weather after a winter on the hill, and it follows a similar principle to pizza: there’s good pizza and bad pizza, but even bad pizza is still good. Unless warm weather isn’t your thing, in which case I hear Killington still has plenty of snow, in fact I think they just got a fresh powdering with this last system that moved through. Anyway, there’s some food for thought.

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