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Tips for making the most of your spring break

Spring break in college gives you the opportunity to do a lot of things, so take advantage of your time off. Here are some tips and ideas for your spring break:

1. Homework

If you’re stuck with homework over your break, don’t wait until the last minute! (This is a predicament I currently find myself in.) Either frontload your break with homework (after you’ve given yourself the first day of break off, of course) or spread it out throughout the entirety of your break, doing a little homework each day. Spring break isn’t supposed to be stressful, so don’t let it be by procrastinating.

2. Get Ahead

Were you not stuck with a lot of homework during spring break? Lucky you!–I’m jealous! Even if you don’t have a lot of things due immediately after break, if you have some downtime, why not get ahead? Try to get something out of the way that would cause you stress if you were trying to do it on campus, be that reading, some smaller assignments, or one larger assignment. The last half of spring semester is no walk in the park, so why not make life easier for yourself?

3. Go Places!

If you have the time and means to go on a big trip during your spring break, go for it! Vacations are fun and memorable! But even if you can’t go on a cross-country road trip or fly down to Florida, you don’t have to stay in your house for all of spring break. Find some friends or family members and plan a day trip or an afternoon outing. Whether you go someplace you’ve never been or somewhere you’ve been a hundred times, your backyard is a place for fun and exploration!

4. Apply for Summer Jobs and Internships

Summer may seem ages away, but the time to seek out summer jobs and internships is now, during spring break, when companies are looking for students to fill summer positions. Apply for a variety of things, including both paid jobs and internships, and just like applying for “reach” colleges, apply for some “reach” jobs–you never know what could happen.

5. Indulge in Some Downtime!

You’ve just finished up with midterms! You’ve earned some downtime! Catch up on that TV show you’ve been meaning to watch, rent a few good movies, tackle your bookshelf, or do whatever else is relaxing for you. Just remember to have your downtime in moderation–be productive too!

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