March 2013
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Spring Break Comes to an End

So, tomorrow everyone will come back to campus to resume their Spring Semester. My Spring Break was actually a lot of fun even though I also did a lot of working. I spent a lot of time making modifications to my cosplay for next weekend, which is when Nippon Ai’s convention is being held. It is also Easter next weekend, so that should be a lot of fun as well. I made Easter Baskets for all of my apartment members over the break and will probably deliver those tomorrow when I get back to campus.

Today I am off campus for my Dad’s wedding. We had a really good time and it was nice to get a day to relax after working all break as well as to see some of the relatives that I do not get to see often. It was a lot of driving though, 6 hours each way, so I will definitely be glad to sleep at about 2am when I return to campus. The wedding was held at a small church in Ohio and it was really pretty, but I like my dorm room and my bed so I am not gonna stay in Ohio over night.

During the week, I did a lot of work for admissions. I sent out postcards to accepted students and there are definitely some that I cannot wait to meet if they do decide to attend McDaniel. I love working in admissions because I get to meet a lot of the potential students who come through and I like seeing what kind of schools they are looking for, hearing about where they are from, and more. I am also doing my mock tour sometime this week. Hopefully I will do well because I would love to be able to meet even more people. I really enjoyed working in admissions over the week, so it would definitely be nice to have work there more often.


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