March 2013
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McDaniel appears on Buzzfeed!

Like many, I love the internet. I love social networks, goofy videos, Tumblr, and memes of all sorts. (I even wrote a paper analyzing the rhetoric and genre of Advice Animals for my Approaches to Everyday Discourse class last semester. It was a fun experience–I got to spend gobs of time on the internet while […]

Prepping for the Real World

Although real world preparation is not something that I have just started, it is something that I am getting more serious about as the end of the school year, and my undergraduate career, approaches.

Thankfully, McDaniel does a great job of preparing their students for life after college. The first step is gaining experience while […]

Local lunches

It seems, when catching up with friends, that protocol is to go out to lunch. I did a lot of catching up over the break, so I bought a fair amount of lunches. I’m also a local student, so I was reminded how many good places to eat are right in town! Here are a […]

Free Press archives online

For my job at the Writing Center I am putting together a presentation about our student newspaper, The Free Press, as a promotional tool to recruit new staff members. My boss made the suggestion that part of this presentation should be a section highlighting past staff members who have gone on to have prominent careers […]

What to do on a snow day?

There are two routes one can take when deciding what to do with a snow day. This is the second snow day given this year, but the first one with enough snow to have all the snow day options. In past years snow has cancelled an entire week of class. Snow days are one thing […]