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Card Towers and Nerf Guns

This Thursday was our spring club fair as Amber has previously posted about. I have a slightly different story to tell however…

Having my own club to run on campus, Advocacy Team, we too had a table at the club fair to let others know about our organization and sign up for emails about it. In order for you to fully understand the following events, a brief description of the lay of the land is need: the space where the club fair was held is called the Forum, essentially a really big room. Tables lined the perimeter of room and also made a inside long rectangle in the center of the room. Every campus organization from SGA to the Free Press to fraternities, sororities, religious clubs and ones just for fun had signs and banners and general goodies to give away. Have an image in your head? Now, our table unfortunately happened to be at the farthest possible place away from the entrance… We were in the far back corner, but diligently set up our colorful table cover and display board with some pictures from our events and facts about some of the amazing things we’ve done on campus (acting out against malaria, human trafficking, hunger, HIV/AIDS and more!).

In order to make our table more exciting, I brought some materials from our different events- stories from our World AIDS Day event, postcards we sent in against Human Trafficking, and a bunch of End Malaria coasters. These play a key role in our tale. I brought the coasters to give out to people since we have a bunch of extra. However….since we were so far away from the entrance and the attendance at the event was slowly dwindling and idea came to my mind about how to make my table even better: A Card Tower! Make that a coaster tower.

Sturdier than cards, the coasters held up surprising well, and I soon had quite the impressive tower going (the DJs at the event applauded when I put the final coasters on the top). However, I hadn’t counted on the Alpha Sigs (a fraternity) sitting across from me. I know quite a few guys in their group, some of which were sitting at the table. They spotted the card tower. Now add into this dangerous mix the tableĀ behind the Alpha Sigs: Humans vs. Zombies. Why is this important you ask? Nerf guns my friend. And what better target for nerf guns than a convenient card tower? The boys procured a nerf weapon…and failed miserably at actually hitting my magnificent tower! That is until they were within two feet of it.

I seized my opportunity and begged Humans vs. Zombies for some ammo. They kindly obliged. An epic chase sequence followed at the club fair. It was a lot of fun, and for me also showed how all the different groups of people at McDaniel can all have fun together: a fraternity, Humans vs. Zombies and a club to change the world. Why not?

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