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Nighttime Happenings

As you probably guessed, students do much more than just their homework at night.

While homework takes a priority over other things (right, guys…?), students need a break too and there are lots of things to do in the evenings on campus.

Generally, campus groups and organizations will hold their meetings in the evening hours after dinner, since that is when the majority of students are free. If you are involved on campus, expect to have a few meeting a week in the evenings. Be on the look out for clubs and organizations holding nighttime events to entice new members, as well. S’more nights up in Ensor are always popular, as are game tournaments in the rec lounge.

Off campus, clubs and organizations will often team up with local restaurants to raise money for a good cause. Buffalo Wild Wings and Salsaritas are often the location of fundraising nights. This is a yummy way to switch up your dinner routine and make a difference.

Many students also participate in intramural or pick up games at night. This can be a good way to burn some energy. One of our popular clubs is ultimate frisbee, and you can see them out on the turf with a glow in the dark frisbee.

One of my favorite weeknight activities is Monday night trivia at Johannson’s on Main Street. My friends and I don’t always go for the beer, but mostly just to hang out and compete for money. Our team is pretty good, not to brag, and we actually won the spring trivia round. So far we have saved around $150 dollars in giftcards, which we are going to put towards an end of year brunch at the upstairs restaurant.

I can pretty much bet that you won’t be bored here on campus!

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