March 2013
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Tonight was the big unveiling for graduating studio art majors at the Honors Art Exhibition in the Rice Gallery in Peter Hall tonight. The theme: smARTies – they are clever students! I sure enjoyed the large bowl of smarties up for grabs.

Six seniors were in the spotlight and showing of their wonderful pieces of [...]

A Proud Woman

This week, surprisingly, there are many women events going on. As a women’s studies minor I have had many opportunities to participate in women themed events. I performed in two shows about female sexuality. Not only that but we have a women’s issues group on campus as well.

This week there are two events going [...]

Early Spring Snow Day

So, it was really pretty outside today; however, not with the beginnings of Spring as everyone might have expected on our first day back from Spring Break. We got a lovely snowfall throughout the day and the campus was really pretty. I went outside a few different times during the day just to enjoy the [...]

McDaniel appears on Buzzfeed!

Like many, I love the internet. I love social networks, goofy videos, Tumblr, and memes of all sorts. (I even wrote a paper analyzing the rhetoric and genre of Advice Animals for my Approaches to Everyday Discourse class last semester. It was a fun experience–I got to spend gobs of time on the internet while [...]

Prepping for the Real World

Although real world preparation is not something that I have just started, it is something that I am getting more serious about as the end of the school year, and my undergraduate career, approaches.

Thankfully, McDaniel does a great job of preparing their students for life after college. The first step is gaining experience while [...]