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My mom was not too exhilarated at first when she heard that I went to a peep show with my friends, but little did she realize that it was actually a display of marshmallow masterpieces.
The PEEPshow has become quite the popular event to attend around Easter time in the past six years since the tradition began. Local artists, families, businesses, and school groups submit hundreds of creative and wacky marshmallow masterpieces. I did not realize just how many submissions there were until I got there!

Admission was free – something always attractive to college students (aka me and my friends). We spent about half in hour laughing at humorous submissions and dropping our jaws when we came across those truly spectacular masterpieces made entirely of marshmallow Peeps! We were about to leave when we found out that there were three more rooms of Peeps creations upstairs – it seemed endless! The most entertaining part about the peep creations was the titles of the creations. All of them incorporated the word “peep” into the title – examples: Peep-seidon, The Life of Peep, Silver Linings Peepbook, and Same-Peep Marriage.

Vote chips were available for purchase so that you could vote for your favorite creations. The creators of the entries with the most votes wins a Peeps themed prize pack. The best part is that all the proceeds benefit the Carroll Country Arts Council. All the submissions are up for sale and quite a number of them were already sold when I went. The last day of the PEEPshow is April 7, 2013 so it is not too late to check it out if you live nearby! Maybe you can submit a creation next year!

Sesame Peep

Here is an example of one of my favorite submissions!
Title: Long Live Sesame Peep

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