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What goes down at night

Evenings at McDaniel are pretty much whatever you feel like doing! Take last night for examle: a Friday night, most of us were exhausted and just tired. Some of my friends decided to go watch the Dangersauce Improv Show, which is always a fun evening of comedy. I opted for a bit of a chill evening in my apartment, making a nice dinner for myself and watching a bit of How I Met Your Mother (which is addictive…watch out if you ever get into that show).

After the improv show, a group of my friend went back to their apartment to continue the Friday Lord of the Rings marathon, and so I decided to join them for watching the Two Towers! You know that you’ve watched the movies too many time when you, and all your friends are quoting lines at each other- constantly. We had a great time amusing ourselves with impressions and “fun fact” knowledge about the filming of the movie or the actors. Movie nights are a fairly frequent fun evening activity that most of us typical college students enjoy, but for those who are both over 21 and feeling a bit more adventurous…

There’s Baltimore and Washington DC! Both cities are relatively close if you have a car, about an hour drive or so, and just recently McDaniel started doing a shuttle service to the metros into both DC and Baltimore. For those who are legal, it’s a fun night out to go down to Baltimore and visit some of the bars, and even meet up with students from other nearby schools!

Or, if you’d rather just stay on campus, we also just like hanging out with friends. Whether that’s watching a movie, or just going over to hang out in a friend’s apartment to make food and play games! We always find a way to have a good time or just relax.

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