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College Night Life

So other than typical drinking nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) one might wonder, what do students do after classes are over? Classes are finished around 4 p.m. (unless you have a night class). If you don’t play a sport during this season this leaves you with a lot of free time before bed, assuming that a college bed time is around 12 a.m.

So what are some things people do after classes?

1) Clubs! Club meetings usually take place in the early to late evening, and are usually about an hour long. I have clubs that start anywhere between 5-10 p.m. on weekdays. This is a good way to blow off steam and hang out with friends (and most importantly avoid homework)

2) Go out! There are plenty of places in Westminster to go out to eat. People also do evening activities, going bowling (or skiing in the winter). While this requires a lighter homework load, there are some nights it can be fun to get off campus for a while.

3) Volunteer! There are a lot of places to volunteer in the area. I know of people who work with children at the Boys and Girls Club, and others who work at the local animal shelter. Another popular option is volunteering with the elderly. This is a fun way to be involved in the community.

4) Camp out in the library! For those who have a lot of work to do, especially during finals week, this is a popular evening option. With breaks to get coffee from the coffee shop in between of course.

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