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When I was Katniss

This Friday was… the Literary Masquerade! Sound bizarre? Put on the by the Honors Program and the English Department, the Literary Masquerade is essentially a fun night where you come dressed as a character from a book, hang out, dance and eat.

One of my friends was planning it and had the brilliant idea to have white twinkling lights up and have the masquerade outside on the terrace…but then it rained. Since the weather was gross, they decided to move it inside to the building that actually houses the English Department and the Honor’s Room (the Room of Requirement we call it): Hill Hall. The night was actually a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure who to go as and didn’t want to buy anything so I got my friends to help me brainstorm. Since I have long brown hair, it was decided that it would make an excellent Katniss braid, and there it was- I would go as Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. Borrow a leather jacket, braid the hair and throw on some boots and I was good to go!

The evening had some good music play all night, some snacks, and most importantly- other people dressed up! I met the Rainbow Fish that night, Aragorn, Mr. Darcy, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz plus the Tinman, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion, some Dr. Suess Things (1 & 2) and even Don Quioxte. A lot of people showed up- even, and completely unexpectedly, someone dressed as Peeta. Naturally we had to pretend we planned that.

A fun evening with friends, and characters of all types (Literally)!

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