April 2013
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Field Trip to D.C.

This week, my Native American art class headed to D.C. with several other art classes to visit some museums and see some of the art we have been discussing this semester. My class of course went to the National Museum of the American Indian.

The museum is unique on the mall and was just completed in 2004. There are four floors of art divided into sections for the different exhibitions. It was really interesting to see some of the art we learned about in class but even cooler to see some things we didn’t learn about. We all had to pick a piece of art to write a paper on after the trip. I found a ceramic stool from the Chiriqui and I can’t wait to look up the history behind it. The modern art section was also really neat and I saw pair of beaded converses that were super unique.

After exploring the museum, my friend and I went to find the colossal Olmec head outside of the Natural History museum. Our professor had told us it was located there after we learned about it in class. We also took a quick peek in the National Gallery of Art as we met up with a friend in a different class for lunch. Although we only had four hours in the city, we enjoyed the time.

It is always great when I get to go into D.C. and it is convenient that the city is so close – only about an hour and a half bus ride. I will certainly miss the location of McDaniel College when I graduate.

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