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Spring Fling 2013!

Every year the Office of Student Engagement throws a huge carnival for all the students a few weeks before the end of the semester. It’s a chance for us to relax and pretend to be kids again. This year was my third Spring Fling and by now I know exactly how to make the most out of my day…this means no napping.

In the morning, I did have to work the front desk at Admissions, but it was made better by the tour guides giving me updates on what fun events I had to look forward to when the work day was over.

Three o’clock came and I dashed to the quad, meeting up with a few sisters and other friends, I challenged people to the obstacle course. The large inflatables took up about half the quad and more than half of my afternoon entertainment. After my friends sabotaged my competitor one time to make sure I’d win, I retired my racing career. The band OSE brought in were loud and got us dancing. There were free Spring Fling t-shirts to tie-die (which I seem to miss every year!), professional pictures were taken (and given to us as a message in a bottle, which is a nice keepsake), a blow up boxing ring that I didn’t dare go in, and a blowup jousting ring, which I epically failed trying to beat one of my sisters.

Once the festivities in the quad had died down, we ventured over to North Village where students had made their own fun as well. Cornhole was set up multiple times and some apartments had opened their windows to create different sound systems depending on where you were standing. As also, Campus Safety was there to make sure nothing got out of hand but still made sure we had our share of fun.

After dinner in the dining hall, a bunch of us (those who are too strong for naps) went back to my apartment to watch a movie. What better way to celebrate being a child than with a Disney movie?! We all ended up falling asleep for a little bit…whoops. The evening consisted of visiting friends and celebrating the campus community as a whole.

This year’s Spring Fling adventures were very important to me because for many of my friends, this is their last one, and for me, it is my last one with those wonderful people. Recent graduates have been known to show up on campus for Spring Fling, but no where near the number that shows up for Homecoming. Maybe I’ll see a few familiar faces at next year’s event, but I will never forget the amazing memories made this year and the pictures to prove how awesome McDaniel truly is!

Pictured: 5 wonderful tour guides that have no problem mentioning Spring Fling on tour, because of how awesome the day can be!


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