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Intramural Sports

Intramural sports at McDaniel are a great way to have fun with friends while feeding a little bit of your competitive side. Literally anyone at McDaniel can enjoy intramural sports – even those who think they are not athletic! I have had several people who had never played a sport before participate on my flag football team and they are the ones who never stop talking about how much of a blast they had.

One reason that intramural sports are so versatile for any kind of student is that there are different leagues within each sport ranging in competitiveness. The most competitive league by far is the Men’s League, but if you are someone more interested in having fun while intimidating a few people in the process than the Coed or Women’s (but now always) League are a better fit. There is also a wide variety of intramural sports to choose from including flag football, outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, basketball, softball, floor hockey, and volleyball. I am currently on a coed volleyball team this semester and looking forward to playing two games tomorrow night. We narrowly lost two games last week so we are hungry for victory!

While there are plenty of t-shirts distributed to students at McDaniel throughout the year, the most coveted t-shirt by far is the Intramural Champion t-shirt. I have witnessed seniors shed tears upon failing to win this shirt at their last opportunity before they graduate. It is not the easiest feat to acquire the Intramural Champion t-shirt and it does require a significant amount of sweat and dedication. As a freshman, I was fortunate to receive the champion t-shirt for winning the Coed Volleyball Championship and have been wearing my t-shirt with pride ever since.


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