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Shakespeare in the Square

Yesterday was William Shakespeare’s birthday (and incidentally, his death day), so the English department celebrated in the most entertaining way possible: by hosting its annual Shakespeare in the Square.

Shakespeare in the Square is a fun event (complete with a large birthday cake) held for all students to attend in Red Square, the center of campus. Students read Shakespeare’s sonnets and act out scenes from Shakespeare’s plays. Anyone is welcome to read or perform.

I was impressed by the student performances, which I enjoyed quite a lot. McDaniel English majors are very talented when it comes to reading sonnets and acting out scenes, and some of them are also able to make it funny. (One of my friends read a monologue of Antigonus from The Winter’s Tale and was chased by a “bear”–another friend–at the end, as indicated by the stage directions in the play. Very funny.)

I read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 60, which ended up going pretty well and was awesome for me because I had a chance to do a reading in front of a somewhat large audience, something that is always useful practice for public speaking.

After everyone who wanted to perform something Shakespearean was finished, Dangersauce, McDaniel’s improv troupe, performed a long form improv, a series of uninterrupted related improvised scenes, after interviewing our medieval literature and Shakespeare professor about what she teaches and her academic life. The scenes were very funny and the performers did a fantastic job basing their scenes on things the professor said.

Overall, Shakespeare in the Square was a blast! It was fun for English majors and non-English majors alike, the weather was beautiful, the performers were talented, and the birthday cake was delicious. Happy 449th birthday, Bill!

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