April 2013
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Spring Evenings and Interviews

This is shaping up to be a very interesting, albeit hectic, week! Spring is most definitely in the air- and yet Sunday and Monday were chilly once more… The most sure sign of it actually being spring, despite the fluctuating temperatures however, are the flowers! Everywhere on campus the flowers have sprung up, on the trees, coming up from the ground, and on bushes everywhere. Oldly enough, one time of day that I’ve really been enjoying these flowers has been late at night. Walking back from working late in the Graphic Design lab or the library, the night air seems perfumed now, the heavy scents of flowers drifting through the air. It makes for an fantastic walk around campus, just enjoying the flowers and if it’s a cloudless night, there are some pretty cool stars as well.

In the midst of all of these fantastic flowers and signs of spring… lies frantic planning for next year, and lot of it! All of us seniors are finalizing what we’ll be doing after graduation, and everybody else is figuring out summer plans. For some of my friends, that means grad school! Others have already gotten jobs which is great, and still others are going for a year break of traveling or gaining experience through internships first. I happen to fall into the last of these categories: internships!

What does that mean while being at school? Roughly that the last two months have been consumed with internship applications and moving forward (or not) in the hiring process with different organizations. Trying to make sure that you come across in the best possible way is difficult to say the least: resumés, cover letters, questionnaires and more. The CEO (Center for Experience and Opportunity) at McDaniel is really helpful with this process. I’ve met several times with them to look over my resumé and help me in looking for possible internships. I’ve applied to quite a few, and right around now is when that next step is happening….the interview.

Several of the internship programs that I’ve applied for are on the West Coast, and since I’m all the way over here in Maryland, the interview process generally involves phone class and Skyping! Skype is great, but you have to plan right for a Skype interview- still dressing nice even though you’re not meeting the interviewer in person, trying to find a nice quiet room.

There you have it: a week of spring flowers and April Interviews! Life after college is creeping up on the class of 2013.

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