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Meeting Places

McDaniel is full of places to meet and gather with a friend or two.

Whether you are meeting with a friend between classes, or peer to discuss a class assignment, there is going to be a spot for you. Here are some of my favorite meeting spots on campus.

1. Coffee shop

Of course, this seems like an obvious spot, and it is. The space was made for meetings, with little tables and chairs and even some couches set up throughout. In addition to being able to grab a little pick-me-up snack or drink, it is a nice environment to get some work done or have a more serious meeting. Of course it also works as a place to meet up with a friend between classes.

2. Red Square

There is amphitheater style seating all around and since this is a central point on campus, it is convenient to meet up with anyone. Add some nice weather and a little people watching and it becomes a great place to hang out with a friend.

3. Communication Department Office

We have lots of comfy couches and since I spend a lot of time near there for my classes, it is an obvious choice when I have some time to kill or just want to meet up with a classmate or a professor.

4. Klitzberg Pavilion

Located in our Gill Center (the gym area), this is a nice place to sit or meet up before a workout. There is a large television and lots of different tables to do some work with a friend or just get distracted with a good conversation with someone you know who is bound to walk by.

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