May 2013
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Choosing an FYS

By now, if you’re a high school senior who has committed to attending McDaniel this fall, you’re in the middle of taking a number of steps to ready you for coming to McDaniel in August. One the most important of those steps is choosing your First Year Seminar class, more commonly known as an FYS.


Honor societies on the Hill

The McDaniel College class of 2013 graduated on Saturday. Though I wasn’t on the Hill to see the ceremony, I did see plenty of pictures of my friends donning their caps and gowns and lots of cords. Seeing all those cords reminded me of how there are plenty of honor societies McDaniel students can join […]

Your guide to Asian food in Westminster

I found that living in a suite this past year made life seem a lot like a sitcom sometimes. We always had friends over, and we ate some form of takeout or delivery at least a couple times a month. As a result, I had the chance to try three different Chinese and Asian restaurants. […]

A little laziness to kick things off

I’ve been home for almost a week now, and my time since leaving college has been fabulously lazy, for the most part–at least compared to what I do at college.

At McDaniel, I find myself constantly working toward deadlines, going to meetings, and finding time to squeeze in time with friends and other fun activities. […]

Welcome the Summer

My finals ended on Thursday night and I believe I did pretty well on all of my finals. After the final was over, a bunch of us watched movies, played Guild Wars, and just relaxed into the early hours of the morning. It was a great chance to unwind after finals ended for most of […]