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Final Projects

So, today I spent the large majority of the day working on my final project for my Arabic class. Myself and my partner were making a video about her time in San Francisco. In our story, she owned a club in San Francisco, but an earthquake destroyed the club so she moved back to Maryland. It was a fun plot and in the end, she decides to re-open the club in Maryland; where there should not be any earthquakes. We debate about names for the club and eventually settle on calling the club Ahram- the Arabic word for Pyramids.

Filming our video was a lot of fun, we definitely had some interesting bloopers by the end of it. Phil helped out a lot with the recording and we both were quite grateful. We used different backgrounds for different days in the video in order to make it all more clear, and because playing with the backgrounds on my video editing software is fun. Other students in our class also made videos, a few did their final presentation live on Friday. My favorite video was about a girl who was sick, who had a dream about going to the moon. The video animations were very amusing.

I never really thought about how much fun group projects can be. You get time to play with different technology, work with friends, and see how interesting you can make the project. I also filmed my final video project for Egypt today, which was fun. I made the powerpoint presentation and did a voice over to make it a presentation. I really enjoy final projects because they give each student a chance to shine in their own way.

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