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One Last Concert

I’m a violinist. I’ve been playing violin since the third grade- and I pity my parents during those early years… There was elementary, middle, and high school orchestra and private lessons. At McDaniel I had the option of taking orchestra, but there are also private music lessons!

Starting freshman year, I began taking half hour lessons with one of the violin instructors, Mr. Currie- and haven’t been able to stop! I have absolutely loved them. I can honestly say that I have never before grown so much as a musician, nor had so much fun in lessons. I’ve learned so much, and also heard the most spectacular allusions, similes, and metaphors eve. “You’ve got to be gangster when playing this piece!” What one always expects to hear when working on a classical violin piece (it actually made total sense in context).

Last night, Friday was my final violin concert, and I was able to perform a solo piece I’ve been working on all semester: Praeludium and Allegro by Kreisler. It’s incredibly intense, really challenging and I was determined to learn it throughout this semester. Finally, on Friday I was able to perform the piece for my family and a few friends and show off all the hard work I’ve been putting into the piece! Despite being nervous, I was able to play it well and was really happy with both my performance, and the fact that it was over!

Several other students and the String Ensemble performed as well, a group that I have been in several times. A wonderful accompanist and a great teacher, I could have asked for more for my final concert. I’ll definitely miss taking lessons here, and hope I have enough self-discipline to keep practicing and learning new pieces after graduation. In the meantime, I still have one last music jury for my violin lessons to show that I’ve actually been learning things and improving. So still some more practicing ahead!

Like learning to play an instrument, or want to get better? Take some music lessons here! I just happen to know an excellent violin teacher…

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