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Surprise parties are the best parties

Today, I had the opportunity to throw a surprise party for one of my best friends on campus, and things turned out great!

Earlier in the week, my friend’s mom, who lives in Boston, called me to ask me if I could pick up a birthday cake from Starry Night Bakery in Westminster and surprise my friend with it. I knew with the help of some friends that we could totally pull off a surprise party, but we definitely had to plan it as we went along.

Before going to get the cake, another friend and I drove to the dollar store by the Food Lion to pick up some decorations. For under $5, we got plenty of decorations to spruce up the Forlines common room where we held the party. If you’re trying to hold a party on a budget, the dollar store is the first place to go for great deals.

Then we went to the bakery to get the cake. I didn’t realize this until we got there, but Starry Night Bakery won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars in 2011. This was no surprise; as soon as I saw the cupcakes, I nearly cried tears of joy because they looked so delicious. The cupcakes we picked up were chocolate with a coffee flavor and espresso frosting, and they were absolutely delicious.

After picking up the cupcakes and a yellow cake with butter cream icing, my friend and I had to rush to decorate the common room and get our friend assembled before the cake got too warm. (Neither the cake nor the cupcakes would fit into our microfridges.)

Eventually, we got everyone rounded up and we texted one of my friends to bring the birthday girl to us.

My friend was totally surprised to see us waiting for her and even more surprised to see the cake! We pulled off a low-key but very fun party with some great music to boot. Planning and celebrating a surprise party for one of my besties was an awesome way to spend my Saturday!

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