May 2013
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Late Night Denny’s Runs

With final papers, projects, and tests to contend with; we all need a chance to unwind, eat, and relax. Last night, I went to Denny’s with a bunch of friends for a late dinner at 10pm after most of us finished wrapping up our homework for the night. First of all, let me say how nice it is that there are food places near campus that are open 24-7. Since it isn’t uncommon for late dinner’s to occur, it is nice to have options when campus food just is not what you are in the mood for. I personally love going to Denny’s because it is really the only time that I eat breakfast food since my usual habit is sleeping as long as possible and ignoring that breakfast is a thing.

So anyway, we arrived at Denny’s around 10:30. All of us ordered our drinks and then conversations began. We talked about everything under the sun from majors to future plans to Probie’s recent date to everyday stuff. It was absolutely wonderful to just relax and talk with Phil, Lyssa, Probie, Dan, and Mehar as we ate and just tried to think about anything other than our homework for a while.

After getting back to campus, we all camped out in Blanche and watched some television before going to sleep. The relaxation time was greatly needed and it definitely helped me to get right back into work today.

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