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Mother’s Day on the Hill

Last year, the spring semester ended just before Mother’s Day, so I was able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. But because of how the calendar played out this year, I am not able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom this weekend.

Still, Mother’s Day was alive and well here on the Hill, and even though I didn’t get to spend the day with my mom, I did spend a couple of hours with a mom. Once a month, the College and our president, Dr. Roger Casey, invite alumni and other guests to enjoy Sunday brunch in Glar, our dining hall. On these days, the food in Glar tends to be nicer and there’s live music. Yesterday, Dr. Casey extended the invitation online for moms to come celebrate Mother’s Day with their weary and over-burdened students approaching finals week in the dining hall today, and some moms ended up taking him up on that offer.

So today at brunch, my friends and I got to eat with one of my friend’s moms, who came to town from New York to help her daughter pack her things and take them to storage. I haven’t met all of my friend’s parents, so I was glad to finally meet A’s mom, who fit right in with our brunch group. There was plenty of conversation to go around, and A’s mom also checked in with all of us to make sure we were all hanging in there and asked us what finals we have coming up. She also wished us all good luck with our exams.

Overall, it was a lovely brunch, and I’m thinking we should start inviting a different mom every week to eat with us. Especially in times of stress, it’s nice to get a little “mommed,” even if it doesn’t come from one’s own mother.

Earlier last week, I made sure to pick up a card from the bookstore on campus to send to my mom, which she received on Friday and loved. I’ll be calling her tonight to spend Mother’s Day evening with her over the phone–when I’m knee deep into my paper due tomorrow and need a break for a little love and encouragement

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