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Movie theaters near campus

This weekend, a friend and I went off campus and saw the new The Great Gatsby movie. It was a great break from studying for finals and we were both struck by the amazing costumes, crazy party scenes, and how perfectly Leonardo DiCaprio fit the role of Gatsby.


Seeing the movie reminded me how many theaters there are around campus. For anyone who wants to check out a new film, check out these locations:

Westminster Town Mall.  The main draw of this theater is its proximity to campus. I have friends who have walked to the mall from campus for movies, food, and shopping.

Gettysburg Village. If you have a car, heading to Gettysburg is fun because it is right by the Gettysburg Outlets. The theater is really clean and usually not very full, and they have awesome stadium seating.

Hunt Valley Regal Cinemas. This is where I went this weekend! Like Gettysburg, it has stadium seating and lots of places to shop and eat. My favorite places to visit besides the theater are Noodles and Company, Wegman’s, and Ulta.

Carroll County Arts Council. If you’re looking for something nearby but less mainstream, the Arts Council is only a few blocks from campus. They hold foreign film festivals every year and this week are doing showings of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Lincoln. You can also check out local art while you’re there.

It’s always fun to take a break from reality and see a movie, and what better time to take a few hours off than finals week!

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