May 2013
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Welcome the Summer

My finals ended on Thursday night and I believe I did pretty well on all of my finals. After the final was over, a bunch of us watched movies, played Guild Wars, and just relaxed into the early hours of the morning. It was a great chance to unwind after finals ended for most of our friends.

On Friday, I spent the large majority of the day packing my room and helping Phil pack his room as well. I have a storage building that I put a lot of my stuff in to make moving in easier. It is $40 a month, but several of my friends share it so it is actually really cheap and makes life easier for all of us. It fit all of my stuff, several of Phil’s larger bins, and all of Alyssa’s stuff. We started my room around noon, and we wrapped up with the final trip to the storage building around 4:00 and cleaning my room. Then, we went to my house in Pennsylvania briefly to drop off my fish so that they didn’t have to sit in the car while we cleaned Phil’s room and Phil’s car couldn’t fit both of our stuff that was going home.

We got back to campus around 7:00, packed Phil’s room some and then went to Denny’s with Alyssa for dinner. After we got back, we finished packing his room and headed to my house for the night. Phil left for his house this morning and I unpacked some at home. I am definitely going to miss my campus friends over the summer, but the chance to unwind for a while is welcomed. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to get back on the Hill next year and begin my senior year.

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