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Navigating McDaniel’s website: The Undergraduate Tab

If you’ve been busily researching colleges online, you’ve probably visited a lot of college websites. And quite frankly, some of those websites can be absolutely confusing. In the hopes of reducing any confusion you might encounter while exploring McDaniel’s website,, here’s a breakdown of some of the sections you’ll find on the website and what information you can find there.

The Undergraduate Tab is your main source for all information undergraduate, which is information for you–the high school student seeking to attend college or the non-traditional student pursuing a bachelor’s degree. This is where you’ll find info on academics, student life, admissions, athletics, and more.

The Academics section within the Undergraduate tab is packed with resources. Here, you’ll find into on majors and minors, the McDaniel Plan (our curriculum of required courses), Jan Term, study abroad, the Honors Program, and other neat academic opportunities. You’ll also find a link to our course catalog, which is also easily accessed by visiting

The McDaniel Plan section of the Undergraduate tab will tell you all about required courses, including First Year Seminars, Sophomore Interdisciplinary Studies classes, Junior Writing Experiences, and Senior Seminars and Capstones. You can also find out more about the Center for Experience and Opportunity, our career and community service center, and Global Initiatives, our new global scholars program, all by clicking on “Special Opportunities.” I strongly recommend that prospective students learn as much as they can about the McDaniel Plan itself.

The 24/7 Journey section of the Undergraduate tab is filled with information about student life. Here, you can learn more about being a McDaniel first year, dining options, residence halls, the Wellness Center, student organizations, and campus safety. This is also where you can find information about being a commuter student.

All things athletic can be found within the Athletics section of the Undergraduate tab. You’ll not only find info on being a Division III student athlete at McDaniel, but you’ll also find info about intramurals and tailgating on the Hill.

If any of the information you’ve already found on the McDaniel website is interesting to you, you’ll probably want to take a tour of McDaniel or even apply! Information about visiting campus, applying to McDaniel, and financial aid can all be found by visiting the Admissions section of the Undergraduate tab. And while you’re here, you can also learn a little more about the awesome admissions counselors you’ll work with throughout your journey as a prospective McDaniel student.

Lastly, the Family Info section of the Undergraduate tab is a resource for parents and other family members of prospective and current McDaniel students. It’s an especially great resource for parents of first year students.

This guide doesn’t even begin to cover all of the things and information you can find on, but hopefully, it will help you find some of the most important information. If you ever need help learning more about McDaniel or navigating our website, call our Welcome Desk at 410-857-2260.

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