July 2013
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Summer on the Hill

There’s a lot that goes on at McDaniel during the summer, and while campus is not full of students, it’s not devoid of students either.

Many students choose to spend some of their summer at McDaniel doing scholarly research in conjunction with their professors. A lot of this research takes place in the scientific disciplines, but I have friends who are also doing research in the fields of mathematics, literature, computer science, and economics. Go here to learn more about all of the research McDaniel students are doing on campus this summer.

Some students choose to take summer classes at McDaniel. Taking summer courses is a great way for students to get caught up or get ahead. Some of the courses offered are introductory level courses, such as intros. to psychology and religious studies, while other courses focus on special topics, such as tenement house literature, martial arts in China, and even South park! Best of all, many of these classes are offered online! Check out this summer’s course offerings here. Some classes don’t start until July 8, so there’s still time to register for them!

Another unique offering at McDaniel College is Common Ground on the Hill. This is a time when people from all over the world come to McDaniel to take classes in art and music and experience an array of live musical performances. Participants can receive college credit for the classes they take, and McDaniel students are welcome to attend. This article gives a great overview of Common Ground.

Clearly, plenty goes on at McDaniel during the summer months, and it’s a great way for students to enrich their lives!

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