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A holiday guide to getting the McDaniel gear you want

Christmas has come and gone! I had a peaceful day spent at home with my family and I opened several very nice gifts, all while wearing my cozy purple flannel McDaniel pajama pants, a surprise Christmas gift from my mother two years ago.

By the time you get to McDaniel, you’ll probably want some McDaniel gear to show off your McDaniel pride on and off campus. While you can definitely do that with your own money, I have a few strategies you can use to get your parents and other loved ones to help you pay for that awesome sweatshirt or jacket you’ll be eying every time you pass the bookstore on your way to Glar or the Pub.

1. Bring your parents to the bookstore during Orientation or Family Weekend.

Admitted students days, First Year Orientation,  and Family Weekend are all times you may have your family on campus with you. Find a moment to take them to the campus bookstore and show them items you are interested in having. You may be able to convince them to buy you that awesome McDaniel sweatshirt and wrap it up for you for Christmas or give it to you that day. And if you’re really lucky, your folks may buy you some gifts without your knowledge and save them for later. In my first year at McDaniel, my mom surprised me with McDaniel pajamas, a McDaniel ID holder, a McDaniel Christmas ornament, and a fancy McDaniel pen.

Your folks might even want to pick up some McDaniel gear for themselves!

2. Use the bookstore’s website to let people know exactly what you want.

If you can’t get your loved ones on campus for whatever reason, fret not! Try using email or Facebook to drop hints to the generous gift-givers in your life that you really want those McDaniel sweatpants!

3. Barnes and Noble gift cards are you friend!

If all else fails, make good use of any Barnes and Noble gift cards you received over the holidays! Because McDaniel’s bookstore is affiliated with Barnes and Noble, you can use all B&N gift cards to buy anything in the bookstore. Because I usually buy my textbooks from sites like Amazon and AbeBooks (check out my cheap textbook buying guide!), I like to use my Barnes and Noble gift cards towards a new McDaniel shirt every year as a Christmas gift to myself.

Happy shopping and happy New Year!

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