December 2013
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Gift Giving for (Poor) College Students

While giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do on Christmas, it is a little tough to do when you are a college student with little money. Luckily for me, this Christmas both my friends and family were on board with spending less money. My roommates and I decided to do a Secret Santa gift exchange before we left for break. We drew names and put a $15 limit on our gifts. Although we were not very good about the “secret” part and pretty much knew who everyone had before we did the exchange, it was so much fun! The 5 of us went to Friendly’s one night during finals week, where we ate ice cream and gave each other our presents. We had a great time and if we were not all seniors, we would probably do it again! Maybe we will meet up and do it as post-graduates! As for my family, we decided to continue a tradition we started last year and do a White Elephant gift exchange. The white elephant gift exchange is where everyone brings a gift and you draw numbers. Then you pick gifts in number order and you can steal other peoples presents. This year was especially eventful. I had my gift stolen three times! First, I had a cup that counted how many coins you had in your car, then I had a mini pool table, next was electronic handwarmers, and finally, I ended up with a remote control car. It was rather entertaining and I must say, my family is good at bringing unusual gifts to keep it interesting! I do love giving personal gifts to each and everyone I care about, but I really enjoyed doing Secret Santa and White Elephant…and I do not mind the extra cash in my pocket! :) After all, it is not about the gifts, it is about spending time with your loved ones! So I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Enjoy your last days of 2013!


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