December 2013
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Let me Introduce Myself

The wait is over.  Finally, an answer to the question everyone has been asking—who is Keegan Farley?

Let’s get the basics out of the way.  I’m a sophomore at McDaniel College on track to major in Arabic language and also political science with a focus in international relations.  Both of these are areas of study I discovered a passion for just last year.  I was born and raised in Hampstead, MD, so I’ve spent my whole life in Carroll County.  As a senator in the Student Government Association, I represent all the fine folks of North Village.  Also, I am a proud member of the Progressive Student Union, Music Meditation Club, and the Global Fellows Program.

Class and extracurricular activities keep me pretty busy, but I still find time for a personal life.  I usually go to one or two concerts every month with my friends.  In my spare time you can almost always find me relaxing in my cozy North Village apartment listening to music and reading.  Also I love to practice playing piano or organ on campus.

Most recently I have been asked to be a (Mc)blogger for the McDaniel Experience page!  Don’t get too excited, but from now until the end of the spring semester I will be posting blogs all about life as a student of McDaniel.  The McDaniel Experience is an interesting thing—even though everyone’s experiences will vary, they all share some common elements.  Hopefully after reading through all of my forthcoming stories and entries on this blog, you (whoever you may be) will have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a McDaniel student for me; and, more importantly, what it could mean for you.

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