December 2013
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They Say It All Started With A Mouse

In August I started the most amazing internship in the world. I became a cast member of the largest show in the world. Walt Disney World. Yes it’s a show all to itself. This semester I have been working in Orlando, FL at Walt Disney World in entertainment. Every day I get to work with those wonderful Disney characters that we all grew up loving. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale, they are all here. It not only has shown me how to work in a huge company, but it has also taught me so many people skills that you can only learn with one on one interactions with people outside of the system.

During my days off I have gone into the parks as a guest to work on research for my Senior Seminar. This year I am collecting as much written material I can find along with verbal rhetorical examples to break down and figure out how Disney manages to create this magical world while also informing the guests and keeping order in crowds of thousands of people every day in each park. Doing research on this project has been absolutely fascinating. I have found ideas and concepts throughout all four parks that will serve as perfect examples for my final paper. In the coming semester I will be putting all my research into a paper that concludes all my ideas on the rhetorical aspects of Walt Disney World. Not only am I excited to figure it all out myself, but I am also excited to share it with all my friends and professors.

I have so many stories and memories from this semester that I cannot even begin to write them all down. From my first Make-A-Wish magical moment to the crazy things characters put me through every day and the opportunities and experiences I have had with all my new friends outside of work, I could talk about my experiences all day. It definitely has changed my life for the better and I am happy to announce that I will be continuing as a cast member with the company after graduation! It makes the idea of “growing up” a lot easier to process when i know that I have the beginnings of a great plan. Now to move ahead and start the marathon that is the second semester of Senior year!

“Keep moving forward.” -Walt Disney

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