January 2014
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Once Again, It’s Time to Pack

It’s that time of year again: Jan term. Last year, I stayed home and returned to campus at the end of January. This year, I’ll be on campus, practicing and attending class. That means that it’s once again time to pack…and unpack, since I haven’t done that yet, either.

Packing is something that I’ve noticed a lot of people do differently. There’s the “everything in its place” method, the “throw it all in bags and hope it fits” method, the “it doesn’t fit, I don’t need it” method, and probably a lot more. My own packing skills can best be described as “group things and hope it fits in the container,” and they’ve been getting better.

Sweatshirts and jackets go in my laundry bag, along with some other random things that don’t belong anywhere else. Clean clothes get the suitcase. School supplies and books get my backpack and another container. The school supplies container is then filled completely with odds and ends, like my umbrella and jewelry, if needed. My laptop has its own bag. Food gets a bin, and sometimes a box, too. My keys and wallet go in my purse, and my nail polish goes in my backpack.

Important folders and such, which right now is basically my exercise stuff, gets my backpack. DVDs join them. Anything else left is little or last-minute and gets shoved into the little pockets of my suitcase and backpack.

I’ll have to add a gym bag for clothes this time, though. I’m bringing shorts back for warmer weather since I’m not sure I’ll get home for spring break, and my suitcase is full already. When the clothes I’ve worn this week are washed tomorrow, there won’t be room for it.

Hopefully I’ll unpack within a few days of being on campus instead of waiting until I need to. I’ll have time, after all.

I packed early so that I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow and could check if I need anything. I don’t leave for another two days, and I have to say I’m excited to get back to campus.

Have a good day. =)

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