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FYS: Freshmen Year Seminar

I saw one of my fellow McBloggers talk about their FYS, so I thought I would share my experience. My FYS was called Rites of Passages. We learned all about the different rites of passages in various cultures. For example, we studied quinceaneras and some African tribes who use tattooing. I really enjoyed the class because it was mainly discussion based. The professor, Dr. Ursin, would lecture for the first part of the class, but then she really wanted us to get involved. While I learned a lot in that class and it prepared me for what to expect in my other college courses, the relationships I built in that class were even more important to me. I had a friendship with almost everyone in my class, and two of those people are still my best friends. One of the reasons I was so close with my class was because of our end of the semester group project. There were about 15 of us in the class and we had to work as one big group. We were all very nervous at first; we didn’t understand how working with 15 people would ever go well. The project was to create our own rite of passage and present it to the teacher. We were not supposed to act it out, though, we had to present it as if we were going through it. It was quite the challenge to tackle, but we really pulled it off. We made a rites of passage that represented our transition from high school to college. We included elements such as wearing our high school gear in the beginning and in the end, covering it with McDaniel gear. We also wrote old high school habits down on a balloon and popped the balloons, symbolizing getting rid of our bad habits. We did so well that we made our teacher cry! The project was a huge bonding experience and one of my fondest memories of college. I think FYS is an important part of the McDaniel plan and I am glad that every freshmen has one…mine meant a lot to me!

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