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Birthdays on the Hill

Everyone celebrates their birthday in a different way. After all, if all birthdays were celebrated the same, it would ruin the fun. I had the privilege of having two friends with birthdays in the last few weeks. One was a little over a week ago, and some girls on the track team made a cake for her and we sang to her before practice. She then made sure everyone at dinner got a piece of the cake if they wanted it. I loved that moment simply because it shows how much people here like to make others happy.

The other birthday was my roommate’s yesterday, and that was exciting. Granted, we basically went to her house, played board games, and ate dinner with her family, but I consider that a pretty good way to spend a Friday night. Food and friends, what more do you need?

Celebrating birthdays at school is a bit strange at first, because it’s always a question of who to spend it with and whether or not homework is more important than stuffing your face and watching your favorite movies or something. Since my birthday always falls during finals week Spring semester, it’s sometimes an actual matter of “pass this class” vs “spend the entire day laughing in the face of responsibility.”

Unsurprisingly, I’ve learned in my whopping year and a half at McDaniel that for the most part, celebrating your birthday and lowering stress is more important than the schoolwork…at least for a few hours. And that’s not a bad thing.

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