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First day, first aid

It’s been a pretty smooth first day of spring classes here for me on the Hill, and no, in case the title of this post made you worried, I did not have to perform first aid.

BUT my very first class of the day was the first aid and CPR class I’m taking to finish up my physical education requirement, which is part of the McDaniel Plan. I was a little nervous going into this class, but all went well. The instructor is nice, someone who traveled with me to Europe over Jan Term is also in the class, and the class itself is capped at 10 students.

From what I can tell, taking a first aid class at McDaniel is a smart move whether you need it to fulfill the P.E. requirement or not. While it does have books and supplies that cost money (which most McDaniel P.E. classes do not), the cost of the course is included in tuition and for a small fee, you can get first aid and CPR certified for two years. The instructor also administers re-certification tests every April, so if you take the McDaniel first aid class early on in your college career, you can eventually get re-certified while you’re still here.

This class is going to be a little more work than a typical gym class, but in a month, when the class ends, the peace of mind I’ll have from being able to know what to do in emergency situations will be worth it. And though I hope I never have to use my new skills, in a few weeks’ time, I have the skills needed to potentially save someone’s life.

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