January 2014
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West Coast Meets East Coast

Hello all,

As I stated in my About me blog I am a California girl, born and raised. With this ‘title’ a few things come naturally to me. I say the word like way to much, I LOVE the beach, anything below 70 degrees is cold for me, and I enjoy being outside. Clearly the east does not seem like the right fit for me. To my surprise it has been more then fitting. I have found that I CAN survive when its below freezing, there are other beautiful views besides the ocean, and being inside with the right people isn’t to bad.

The East Coast has so much to offer with so much history. I have really enjoyed exploring not only Maryland but its surrounding states as well. I have covered the majority of the east coast from either driving to Florida for spring break with friends or going home with friends for a weekend. Everything I have seen is BEAUTIFUL and helps me enjoy being back here even more. Thankfully, McDaniel is one of the prettiest college campuses and has so much to offer.

I’m sure many of you are wondering if I miss my family or friends from home. To be honest, Yes I miss my parents and relatives very much and miss spending some holidays with them (I do go home every year for Christmas) and I miss my friends from home as well. BUT I have made some life long friends here at McDaniel and they are all more then willing to help me when I’m a little homesick. Also, the factually and staff have been more then helpful for when I need that little extra motivation before I head home.

All in all, the West and East are very different but do have some things in common. I couldn’t image going to school anywhere else and believe that even though I’m a California girl, the East coast is now my home as well.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

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