February 2014
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Baltimore Trips

The great thing about living in Westminster is it is super easy to get to Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore is full of activities and is a wonderful city to take a day trip to or have a nice evening out. Whether students have their own cars, take the train, or hop a ride on the school shuttle, called […]

Calligraphy in Chinese


This morning in Chinese, we all gathered with paper, ink, fans, lanterns, and calligraphy brushes to embark on a fun way to practice writing our characters. I had to borrow a brush from a friend in the class, but it was really neat to pick up the newer version of a brush that’s […]

Spring Break past adventures

As spring break comes around the corner, I keep thinking about my amazing trip last year to the Dominican Republic. This trip was organized by the school and was technically considered a “Jan-Term”, but we went in March. A group of students who have taken over three courses of ASL were able to travel down […]

Little birthday things

This week, I celebrated my 21st birthday. I’m not into alcohol though, so even though most students would go out and enjoy their first legal alcoholic drink when they hit the big 2-1, I decided that it was okay not to. In fact, when my parents took me out to eat, alcohol was the last […]

Liberty Mountain here we come!

As it continues to snow on campus, my friends and I have decided to take advantage of the weather and make our way to liberty mountain for skiing and snowboarding! Luckily, every Wednesday is college night, which means the prices are reduced!! Score!!! I’m all about that life!!:) Since I do not own any equipment or […]