February 2014
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How I Found McDaniel

When people find out I am from Colorado, I generally get the same question: How did you find McDaniel? I realized I have yet to share that with you guys! So here we go!

I knew that I wanted to try living somewhere other than Colorado and that I wanted to play soccer. The East Coast has a lot of great DIII soccer schools, so I knew I wanted to start there. I live an hour from Aspen, Colorado, and they hold a big college fair every fall. One of my best friends, my mom, and I all went down to check it out. I headed straight to the out-of-state section and browsed every east coast table. That is where I found McDaniel. The admissions counselor was super helpful and told me all about this great school! I was won over by the fact that McDaniel had many sports teams, including soccer, small class sizes, a variety of majors, and a campus in Budapest, Hungary.

I left the college fair very excited and contacted McDaniel’s soccer coach immediately. I ended up sending him some film and I visited the Hill the spring break of my senior year. My family turned it into a whole trip because we have family in the D.C. area. We stayed with family and then headed to Westminster. We had a campus tour and then I was able to meet the team. I stayed the night with two of the girls and they told me all about McDaniel from their point of view. I fell in love with the old brick buildings and the friendly atmosphere. I even bought a sweatshirt on my visit! You could say I was sold from the minute I stepped onto the campus and the rest is history!

I guess I owe my college experience to the Aspen College Fair–I am so thankful McDaniel was there :)

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