February 2014
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Super Bowl and a snow day

Yesterday, as I was scrambling back to campus after an impromptu Saturday home to retrieve a forgotten but important forgotten item, I lamented the fact that whoever chose to put the Super Bowl on a Sunday did not have 21st century college students in mind. Yes, pretty much the rest of pro football happens on Sundays. But the Super Bowl tends to be the one football game I want to invest four hours of my life in.

Sometimes, when it comes watching the Super Bowl in college, it’s important to compromise. The Super Bowl is a ton of fun, but it becomes less fun a few days later when you’ve blown off all the homework that you would usually save for Sunday night. Last year, during the awesome Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl, I took a little time away from the game during the third quarter to get some reading done. And this year, I quickly realized that the game itself was going to be boring, so I brought down the linguistics homework I was behind on, and worked on that during game play instead of seeking a more social atmosphere to watch the game. (Though if I had wanted to, it would not have been hard to find a group of friends who were watching the game together to go join.)

Last night, I went to bed feeling a little defeated. Between one of the most boring Super Bowls in recent memory and a loss of about a day with my trip home, I was disappointed that I had gotten a lot less homework finished than I had wanted to. But this morning, as I pulled up my blinds and grabbed my phone to check my email, I saw that opportunity had come in the form of steady, fluffy white snow–enough to merit a snow day! So I’m hoping that with this gift of snow day, I can grab some hot cocoa, heat up some leftover chocolate chip pancakes from home, and crack down on some reading and writing. I owe it to myself to make this day a useful one, and I hope that many of those who chose Super Bowl over homework (how can you not?) will be able to make great use of this snow day too!

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