February 2014
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Snow days are happy days!

Hey all,

I was one of the few people who was actually a little bit disappointed to have a snow day yesterday–I’m really enjoying both of my Monday afternoon classes and I was sad that I’d have to miss them. However, I wasn’t sad for long. Having woken up at 8 initially, I was able to sleep for an extra three hours which put me in an exceedingly good mood, and from there, the day had a series of fabulous events. I woke up the second time to learn that one of my two favourite bands, the Cure, has concrete plans to put out another studio album for the first time in six years, as well as some good news from a friend in her personal life.

I stepped outside DMC to meet friends for lunch and had that whole breathtaking moment of seeing freshly fallen snow coating the world. My friends, being from Vermont and New York and having seen a lot of snow in their lives, were amused by how excited I was. This may be the fifth or so time it’s fallen so beautifully here this year, but I’m not going to let myself be jaded. Though snow may be cold and wet and sometimes kind of gross, I think it’s absolutely amazing and breathtaking and incredible.

For once, I was ahead on my homework for the week–if it wasn’t for the snow day, I was supposed to have class from 10:20 with an hour for lunch followed by two meetings and then work–I wouldn’t even have a chance to go back to my dorm room until 9:15!–but the extra time was still lovely.

I managed to drag my jaded friends out into the snow to wage a snowball war with me, and we all ended up having a ton of fun, even those of us who basically grew up in snowboots. Even though we’re supposed to be mature college students, I still think it’s fun to act like a small child and forget my worries sometimes!


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