February 2014
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Off-campus coffee and tea

While it’s tempting to cuddle up in bed and try to hibernate until April on chilly days like the ones we’ve been having, winter weather also provides the opportunity to grab a friend or a book and head to one of Westminster’s local coffee shops. A few of my favorites that are within walking distance [...]

Supporting our Green Terror!!! Whoot Whoot!

One thing I will always remember and cherish most at McDaniel are the sporting events. Football games are always memorable and everyone has a great time. We have a bowl field, which is amazing because no matter where you are sitting you have a great view of the game! Loads of people from school attend [...]

Exercise Science Gym Classes

Here on The Hill every student has to fulfill what we call the McDaniel Plan. This consists of several different categorizes that allows each person to take classes outside of just their major. One of the requirements is 4, half credit, gym courses. These courses last about 5 weeks so they don’t take up to [...]

The Internship Process

Getting an internship is an important part of the college experience. It allows you to get job exposure without all of the pressure. Luckily, McDaniel makes it pretty simple to get an internship and is very helpful! I will share with you how my internship process has gone as a psychology major, and I believe [...]

Magical McDaniel Memories

On Tuesday, February 4 at approximately 6:35pm, my life was changed forever. It all started when I went to dinner with a few friends. We were talking casually about many things like the recent Atlanta snowfall and how some conspiracy theorists thought the snow wasn’t real or the sloth video with Kristen Bell. It [...]