February 2014
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Exercise Science Gym Classes

Here on The Hill every student has to fulfill what we call the McDaniel Plan. This consists of several different categorizes that allows each person to take classes outside of just their major. One of the requirements is 4, half credit, gym courses. These courses last about 5 weeks so they don’t take up to much time. As an exercise science major I had to complete 8 of these courses. Threw my years here at McDaniel I have really enjoyed all the ones I have taken and wish I had time to take others. The courses that are offered have a variety of subjects such as walking, jogging, yogacore, archery, fencing, badminton, and Women’s Self Defense.

One of my favorites that I have taken would have to be wally ball. It’s just like volleyball but inside a racket ball court so you are able to use the walls. The men’s Lax coach taught the class. He did a great job explaining how to play and split everyone up into teams each time so we never played with the same people. He also brought his grad assistants to help and encourage everyone to get into the game. Another one I am really enjoying is the one I am in now, fencing. The baseball coach is the teacher for this class and he helps you learn the ‘art’ of the sport. We have just started to fence against one another and I can’t wait start competing.

For those of you who are thinking of becoming a McDaniel Athlete once you complete a season this can count towards one of the four gyms you have to take, but you have to take 3 others.

For those of you who aren’t, don’t worry the classes are relatively easy and the teachers always make it fun! Since they are only a few weeks of each semester you will easily be able to find time to complete the four, or eight if you choose to be an EPE major.

Hope you all enjoy your gym classes as I have

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